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So ...   
02:55pm 11/01/2010
mood: busy
I'm going to try and be more up to date on things here. Pleased to say school started today and I'm avoiding it lol. I should really get started all work is due on Sundays. Due to all my classes being online I hope to make more time for friends this year.

New stuff going on Cosplay wise in 2010.

In no order are the costumes I hope to do:


Hi all   
07:55pm 03/10/2009
mood: blah
Hey there! Wow It has been a while.

I am still cosplaying and going to school.

I moved to Lutz, Fl.
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Ebay and such   
05:50pm 21/10/2008
mood: busy
I'm selling some Mangas on eBay if anyone would like to take a look.

Ah! My Goddess! Manga. 19 books in total.

Fake Manga. 4 books in total.

More to come...
01:38am 22/01/2007
mood: working
So I was thinking of moving my plans for a b-day dinner from the March 3rd(Saturday) to the 2nd. What do you all think?

BTW! Now I'm torn between:
The View at CK's
"Our restaurant in Tampa offers guests a dining experience unlike any other Tampa restaurant. Located atop the Tampa Airport Marriott, The View at CK’s revolving roof top Tampa restaurant provides 360 degrees of continually changing and stunning views. "


The Melting Pot
"Dip into our history and fondue favorites!"

What a lovly life!   
07:48pm 25/09/2006
  So first off, I got a new job that i start tomarrow.  Before that i had prepordered Burning Crusade for World of Warcraft, and Picked up a new DS light (pink).

Now on to bigger things^_^

Some of  you know last thursday i went to Atlanta to see my friend Andrew, and attend AWA. I had alot of fun. Andrew and his brother both play WOW and are in my Guild, Kung Foo Roostaz.

Friday- we just played WOW and hung out.
Saturday- Andrew and i met up with Carolann at AWA <3 We also saw Randy, Joel , Adrine, Ashley, and Joyce. Im kinda bummbed that i didnt get to see Amy, but I was up late the night before so i just wanted to sleep.
Sunday- he and i had brunch with his mother. Then saw Jackass number 2. It was so funny how he covered his eyes at some of the stunts lol.
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Youtube FTW   
09:50am 18/09/2006
  White and Nerdy!
Yeah i was all wtf but its like amazing if you havent seen it. But im sure most of you have. Either way enjoy!
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how goes it?   
02:19pm 15/09/2006
mood: cheerful
I got 2 job interviews. Diva and Dude, and Things Remembered. Hopfully one of them will hire me befor AWA.

I wont be wearing a costume, but i plan to pimpp out the shirts Carolann is making^_~

Much thanks for the last min favor CA <3

Other than that Project Runway! OMG i really loved Kayne's dress! It just sucks he didnt follow the rules. (white ribbon < white fabric) I'm happy with the top three this season^_^ Normally i hate one of the disigners with such a passion i'd want to vomit on their whole line lol

This morning i work up at 4am, which sucked! However after chating to a few people i took a very nice nap <3
just amusing myself   
07:34pm 05/09/2006
mood: ditzy

To the left: Brad Pitt- Interview with a Vampire, to the Right: My friend Andrew aka Findail "the Cock"

Yeah, i dont even know what to say... i think im just going to laugh a bit more! XD
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omg i know it looks bad!   
04:52pm 30/08/2006
mood: amused
Watch This!

I found it and it looks bad but watch it until the end! It makes me hungry!
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09:11am 30/08/2006
mood: sick
Work let me go home today. Yay i plan on getting well for the weekend, if anyone comes to visit.

>_>      <_<
Hair Cut   
11:04pm 29/08/2006
mood: sick
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12:26pm 29/08/2006
  Omfg! Today at work er caught a baby bunny! <3 Later i ran out and got a burger from chili's for lucnh and im eating it now.

Andrew might come down for a visit <3 I'll have to take im to bucsh gardens, or disney.
12:46pm 28/08/2006
mood: tired
I up dated my lovly Myspace!

Take alook and tell me what you think?

I only up dated it so i can Keep in touch with the Roostaz now XD

In other news: 
I cut off almost all my hair! Like 8 inches of it! Dyed it red with black highlights! It looks hawt! Pic to come later. My mom felt bad that i was upset over not being able to see my friends in Orlando, so she treated me to a hair cut at a nice place close to work.

And finally Findail FTW!
I talked to him until 3am the other day! It was so much fun^_^ I made me feel better after getting sick from drinking >_<

ok i will post more later, lunch is almost over! Back to work!
Too good to cut!   
10:13pm 27/08/2006

Now have a good laugh!
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Looking forward to..   
12:58pm 25/08/2006
  1. My mom is leaving for a Week! 
Woot! Let me know if you wanna come by, if not i will just be sleeping^_^

2. Labor Day Weekend is comming and i get an extra day off work! <3 
I will most likey be playing Wow, on the phone or with friends.

3. I might go to Gerogia at some point this year to see a guildie! 
I love the "Cock!" No really thats his Gulid title from "Kung Foo Roostaz" Findail is the top duelest in the Guild. I just found out his real name is Andrew.

4. Random photo fun w/ Ale? 
*hopes and prays* Ale call, AIM, or mail me so info girlie!

5. Getting my braks fixed! 
Then i can visit more people! 

And in other news:
I have been thinking about all the costumes im up to.

Sora (KH2)- Not So Scary Halloween
Katara (Avatar)- Jaco Halloween
Mog/Eiko (Anamo art)- Amano's World
Sora (Kaleido Star)- Anime South
Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)- X-mas and Megacon
Mystique (X-men)- Megacon
Paine- (Final Fantasy X-2)- Jacon

This is alot more than i planned on! LOL I'm just glad i have great friends. <3 for Laina, Ale, and Carolann!

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08:14am 24/08/2006
mood: amused

John, Lation, And I went to see Accepted!  OMG it was funny. After leaving the movie i think we all wanted to be "S.H.I.T. Heads" LOL

In cosplay News John asked me to dress as Mystic ar Megacon. (comic version) So i might. Anyone know of some deep blue body paint that wont rub off on white fabric?

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05:44pm 23/08/2006
  Work is over for the day. The cute IT guy totally talked to me about WOW today. I made a point to mention i had broken up w/ Josh LOL

And incase you didnt hear it from me befor this. I found out that scum bag, Josh was smoking pot behind my back while we were dating! WTF is he totally brain dead?! I'm so glad im not with him anymore!

How ever even being friends is out of the question, i just want my DS back and he is being a jerk about it!

ARG! Anyhoo im headed home.

Live is good, i get my paycheck friday it will have almost 2 hours over time <3 
11:11am 23/08/2006
  So i have been 41 for like a month, and i just have no desire to play as my rogue anymore... That is untill i was needed for an Ulda Run! Weee i am finally back in to playing her! Hopfully i will be 43 by Saturday^_^

My Alt is up to level 17 in only 2 weeks. I'm proud of that because i hardly play after work, and im always out XD

-Dark Iron-
Iliza, 41, NE, Rogue

Nytesong, 17, NE, Hunter

PS: i am so not paying back my ex-b/f for the mount >_< He has got a 'tude!
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07:20am 22/08/2006
mood: lonely
So anyhoo an actual up date....

Kell came over Saturday. WE hung out and talked shit about people. After he left i was invited to go hot tubbing in Tampa w/ Adam. I went, that about it.

Sunday Lation, John, and friend from work all went out to dinner and went to Sneaks on a Plane. I really dont care about seeing that movie so i went home instead.

Monday i chilled with Lation, John and Jake. We hit the mall then went to denny's.

I miss my Orlando friends, who are mostly girls. I know alot of guys in the Clearwater area. Its cool, but they dont go shopping for clothes and cute things, and most of them dont understan cosplay so no one can help me pic out fabrics  :(

But i think the most fun i had was chillin' w/ Kell. He is zainny!
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09:55am 21/08/2006
mood: sick
I feel kinda sick. I'm home for a moment to get my work keys then i gtg. I hate feeling like this. I wanna sleep it off. I migth try to get out of work earlie then.

Ok whatever. TTYL everyone.